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    Certified Tree Care crew made my family happy. The service was prompt and the job was completed faster than I imagined.


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    gary-stocktonExcellent and professional people. They were a pleasure to have around. They were always keeping me updated as to their progress.


    Very Professional

    anna-stocktonThey had the tree removed the same day the tree fell. They did such a good job, we hired them to remove other dead trees.

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    JC’s Trees & More is a family-owned tree service with over 25-years of experience caring for the natural landscape of communities in San Antonio & Bexar County. Our goal is to provide exceptional tree service to all residential and commercial clients looking to maintain or improve the natural surroundings of their homes and businesses.

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    A Tree Expert in San Antonio is a dedicated professional that has many years of experience and formal training. We guarantee that all of our projects are managed by a Tree Expert San Antonio for your protection and peace of mind.

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    We always use the SAFEST tree removal San Antonio methods for your property’s safety, to ensure efficiency, and to promote safety! We strive to save every tree we can, but sometimes tree removal is necessary.

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    We are a local family owned and operated tree service and tree care company in San Antonio, TX. We give you the promise of our hard work, dedication, and decades of expert experience.

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    We provide professional and affordable tree care company for our clients. We’d love the opportunity to work with you and show why our exceptional service sets us apart from the rest.


    Tree Care San Antonio Tree Service

    The weather in San Antonio can be harsh and destructive. Hailstorms and tornadoes are some of the most common disturbances. They cause widespread damage, including fallen trees. In some instances, they warrant immediate attention. Otherwise, they can pose a greater risk and interruption. You will need emergency tree removal. When that time comes, do not hesitate to give us a call. We are committed to meeting your demands, so we will respond as soon as possible!

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      24/7 Emergency Tree Removal Service

      There are many instances when you need an emergency tree removal. The most common would be after the wrath of punitive weather, such as storms and hurricanes. It can leave huge branches hanging, which is a risk to those around the area. A fallen tree may also cut power lines, resulting in a service interruption. It can also block roads, which will restrict movements in the area. In all these instances, emergency removing a tree is warranted!

      Do not wait before the damage is worsened! Contact our team immediately and we will be there in a breeze. Since we started, we have always been unswerving in delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction. We make sure that our service is available when you need us the most. So, even if it is outside of office hours, we will be there! Whether it is dawn or dusk, expect that our people are ready to extend a helping hand!

      1Hiring an Expert for Emergency Tree Removal


      Being a popular service, there are tons of providers of emergency tree removals. However, not all of them are the same. One of the most important considerations is the price. They must offer affordable service without compromising quality.

      More so, you should also consider their performance. A good way to gauge this is to read reviews and learn from the real-life experience of other people. A quick Google search will reveal a lot about the service provider. Visiting their social media pages will also help. Pay attention to what others are saying about the immediacy of the response, equipment used, and overall customer service.

      Most importantly, consider their availability. When tree removal is an emergency situation, time is of the essence. You do not have the luxury to wait until tomorrow before the problem is fixed. The sooner they arrive, the better. Whether it is early morning or late at night, when it is an emergency situation, the company must send someone to deal with the tree problem.

      If you are looking for a reliable emergency tree removal San Antonio, consider yourself lucky! We are the company you are looking for. We take pride in having well-trained staff and revolutionary equipment to remove any tree as soon as you need us to do it! The best thing is that all of these are available at affordable rates!

      2Warning Signs of a Falling Tree


      It is crucial to be observant and watch out for the tell-tale signs of a falling tree, including the following:

      • Dead Branches: If the tree has an exposed branch that seems to be peeling and not growing any leaf, this is one sign that it is dead, and hence, about to fall. Big trees will have branches that weigh hundreds of pounds, so it is important that you act immediately.
      • Deep Cracks: Look closer and watch out for deep cracks on the branch, trunk, and root. Even cracks on the ground can be a sign that the tree is about to fall.
      • Rotten Roots: A healthy root is a sign of life. Meanwhile, when it is rotten, it can be a sign of a problem. Fungal growth can also be evident. As the roots weaken, it affects the entire tree.
      • Leaning: As a tree begins to lean on one side, the structural integrity is already compromised. The larger the tree, the more of a threat it is.
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